Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brightly Framed Art Decorations - FREE- Pick Them Up Today And This Month

Good morning!

One day down, 363 to go. This is not a leap year.

My final day for vacation; so sad. But -- I do have a job, and for that! I am always grateful.

I hope you like this colorful contribution today. It's called Brightly Framed. It's in png format, and it's a free kit you can download and use on my website. There is a psp layer for you graphics' program owners.

This particular kit is intensely colorful and vibrant! I so enjoyed making it.

One of the things I really enjoy about being off is being able to just drop what I'm doing and pick up my clay. Yesterday, the kit at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics was Smart Froggy. I mentioned on my webpage, that I thought he'd make a cute clay sculpey.

So here he is ... minus the glasses. I should go back and make a pair to slip on him. Heck! If I have time today, maybe I will. What do you think?

My photography is getting better with smaller items. I have a Canon PowerShot SX100, and I finally got my book out and looked up HOW to shoot close ups of smaller detailed pictures. I am using the P and tulip setting. It's working very well! I am so happy!

Last, but not least ... is this little necklace I did a couple of days ago. I call it berries and a flower. I am really quite pleased with it, too. Not only did I use my new settings for this, but I also used my lighted magnifying glass to zero in on it. Came out great!

Hoping you all have a great day!

When I checked my email this morning, I was so pleased to receive an email from DrawSpace. I hadn't been there in quite a few years, so had to look up my login info in my card case. Brenda Hoddinott who wrote Drawing For Dummies, had posted 2 free pdf books for me to download -- free!

The first is the Drawing-Book 1. It's some 132 pages of fantastic stuff!

The second book I dearly love. It's the Illustrated Dictionary. Wow! Studying her section on colors is what prompted me to come up with today's colorful kit! It's fantastic.

It also prompted me to do some free-hands sketching again. I haven't posted those little items yet, but will in another post. Hey! I'm having fun!

But alas! I have much to do today. So I need to get on with it. I want to go out, and it's almost lunch time.

Have a terrific day ... and run over and pick up the vibrantly FREE kit download. How would you use it??

Toodles for today. (Gee. I don't think I've said that since high school!)

Hey! My granddaughter returns home today! I missed her.

Cj (3 new free graphics each day)

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