Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loving Red - Free PNG graphic kit downloads

Good morning,

I am back. Here are the final kits, and as you can see, I got 11ja0112 up early. A day early. Sometimes I run out of time and don't get to post on a particular day. Sometimes, I'm just having a little trouble with my website. Either way, I hate it when the free png graphics don't go up when they should. So, occasionally, I try to post a little early ... and hopefully, you are surprised!

I love the flowers in this kit. There are 14, so I hope you'll find a use for them.

This is an accessories kit for Loving Red. Swap something out of the original kit for an item in the accessories kit. Just a way to allow you to create something from what I've made, into something that is your own.

I know ... but this picture is just to show off a few items in the accessories kit. I didn't put a picture together from it, but I will use the elements in other creations I personally make. Use your imagination, and put them to use.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

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