Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sketches and Sculpey creations -- Froggy

Hello again!

A quick second posting ... just to show you, I have been busy! Oh yes, I have.

Actually, all the pictures are reversed again. I wish they'd go in in the order I choose them. Oh, I know. I could change them around -- but what the heck.

This first sketch above is a scribble drawing. I was actually working on my full arm strokes and turning my page. Experimenting with different size lines and lighter vs. darker shades. After doing that, I pretty much had a full page scribble, and I saw this pop out at me.

Looking at it now, I wished I moved the nose a little to the right. I made a note on my paper, which is cut out to do that, should I decide to develop it in PSP.

In the Draw-Book 1, Brenda did a drawing of an emu. It was fantastic, as is all her work. I focused in on the eye, and this was my rendition of it. Looks like it would be a SAD eye. Awww!

I wrote a note to myself to whittle down the composition. I had drawn my little silly girl below, and I zoomed in on just her eyes. The eyes and just part of her face would be my composition. Like I said, just playing here, and having fun. And hopefully, learning, too.

And this is my funny little girl. She was the first thing I drew. She started out like Brenda's drawing, but as always, I branch off doing my own thing. And this is how she turned out.

And again, a second picture of my froggy. This picture is bigger, and even a little more clear than the one I posted previously. He's sitting on a heart shaped, mosiac glass holder in my bathroom, and you can see some of the other necklaces I've made in the background.

Just thought you all might enjoy seeing some of this.

Just a fun post!

Grab some fun of your own. Pick up the free png kits -- and create something for you, a friend or family member. Teach your kids/grandkids to scrap!

Bye now!

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