Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday-Saturday-Sunday--Free PSP and PNG Download Kits

Good afternoon!

I am just finishing up for today. Wanted to get the last several kits from Friday, Saturday and Sunday up, so you can see what's still up over at my website:

Singing Birds has 2 quick frames in it for those wanted to complete something fast. There are still individual pngs for you to pick up to use separately or together in a project. PSP tubes are also available in one psp item.

This is a cute little kit. Small, but cute.

Actually, I wanted to tell you a news flash.

My daughter-in-law, Hillary, has a new blog, and she's looking for readers. If you're interested, pop on over to her blog at:

She's a lovely girl with a mind, and I think you might enjoy her happenings.

Here's another kit that I love. All done in individual pieces, psp download as well as png. All free, and fun to use.

I've got a little secret. I've been wanting to take off about 20 pounds, and just haven't had the gumption to do it ... so I joined Weight Watchers Online. All those TV commercials finally got me, and a friend at work joined. She was doing so well, I thought: Why not?

It's been 2 weeks, and I've lost some weight and inches. I feel wonderful. I spend a lot of time over there at the forums, too. My id is WineAndDineMe. I thought it was appropriate since it's related to food.

Having a ball. Enjoying my last day of this weekend.

Take care. See you soon.

Run pick up the graphics ... and go visit Hillary!

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