Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deco Frames For Your Scrapbooking Projects Along with some small Elements

Good morning!

The first kit featured above is today's kit on my website: Decos 2. The original frame in yesterday's kit is just an outline, and it's up to you to decorate as you see fit!

I decorated this frame three different ways, and you are also free to use those, if you wish.

This kit was yesterday's kit: Decos 1, featured 1/5. Left mainly as shapes, so you can color them in as you like, but featuring 2 colored graphics leading into what is offered on 1/6, which is the first kit featured on my blog today.

I hope you'll have fun decorating with these 2 kits.

I published both days this morning. I was making them yesterday, and just ran out of time, so I headed off to work, knowing I would get them up this morning.

It takes longer to convert each one into a png as well as make the psp item.

My kits are mainly "mini" kits. But, you will find many of the items useful in your scrapbooking projects. They will add color and pizazz, hopefully.

Have a great Thursday. Run pick up the kits.


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