Monday, January 17, 2011

FREE PDF and PNG Downloadable Kit for Mon. 1/17/11

Good morning Monday. My logo girl is kind of droopy-eyed today. It's a blue Monday for her, but not for me.

It is Martin Luther King Day today ... and I am on holiday! Yeah! I love holidays.

This is the free kit featured for today. It's called Flower Art Fun! It's not a big kit, but there will be additional items to go with in the next several days, and check out some of the older kits. Many items will do well together.

This just features a few more items in the kit. The circle frame comes without color, and also in lime green. There are 3 background colors: bright yellow, olive green, and lime green.

This flower at the top of this picture will be featured in Wednesday, 11/20's kit. If you like this flower, be sure to check out the pdf download on today: Mon. 1/17/11 for additional flowers.

You download the kit, print them out, and then cut them and put them together to decorate your cards or scrapping projects with.

If you don't see a new blog post for a few days, just head on over to my website to see what's up. There are days when I don't post, but the next day ... you'll find 2 posts. Every day gets covered.

Have a great day; and I hope it's not a blue Monday for you!

3 new free graphics each day
free png downloadable kits
sometimes ... a pdf, too!

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