Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Png Art Graphic Download Kits -- for the last several days: I've been down under with flu

A very good morning to you this Saturday!

Kits are all current through today, so run over and pick them up. You're One is a cute card I designed for a possible first birthday card for my newest granddaughter. I just love it! This is a big kit!

This kit has several possibilities for center flowers, and you can see how I did 2 cards, and some other centers in the kit. It's in the Hi There card kit. Another big kit!

This is the card I choose to use, so it's the featured kit card for the pickup.

These are two additional frames in the Decorate It kit. The frames are bigger, but this picture was reduced for the blog post.

And here's the rest of the Decorate It kit. Less items, but see what you can do with it.

I had the misfortune to come down with the flu after going to work on Thursday. It led to a very embarrassing moment ... and I had to leave work immediately and come home. Talk about things to have to "live down"; this was it! Luckily, there were not too many people around, but hoping the wildfire doesn't spread. Oh well. Character-builder thing for me, I guess.

I spent Thursday and Friday, being sick. Lucky for me, I had a lot of items ready to go. I wasn't able to post Friday, but everything is better this morning.

Our weather was predicted to be absolutely awful starting Thursday about noon. I had already decided to take a vacation day for Friday, and had that approved, before I left sick. I didn't want to fight or worry about traveling in the weather.

Good thing -- since I couldn't have gone in Friday either.

My husband was also home on Friday, as he's been fighting a monumental cold for the last week, maybe longer. He finally dosed up with Nyquil and some other pills and went to bed to rest all day. He needed to do that. The threat of major weather problems helped him decide too. It's bad enough to work when you're sick, but to fight the elements at the same time ... well, sometimes it's just too much.

From where I sat inside my warm home, the weather never seems to hit the mark they predicted. While we had snow, and frigid temperatures, it didn't appear to be as bad as our last storm.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend. Lots for me to do today.

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