Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kicking Off 2011--Twenty-Eleven-with new FREE art graphics--Smart Froggy Png Download Kit

Good New Year Morning!

2011 ... Twenty-eleven~~~ it has finally arrived.

December 2010 and all 2010 graphics are down! Today starts the new free art graphics for January! This is called Smart Froggy! Very cute. Pick it up today at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics! (Hmmm. He would make a pretty cute sculpey! Think I'll do him!!)

I missed the big ball falling; I knew I would.

We bought champagne and shrimp with cocktail sauce to split. Since we are both early, early risers (like 1:30-2 am type early), we popped the bottle this morning. Hey! It was still dark!

It was yummy as usual.

As of 2:41 am this morning, it was raining. Not a sprinkle, but a fairly good rain. At 3:04 am, we had one long rumble of thunder that lasted a full 30 seconds. That's long.

I get, and sometimes read, Boogie Jack's ALMOST A NEWSLETTER. Today, he is offering a free pdf ebook on Maximum Impact Social Media Tactics. You can read and pick it up here. Just in case you're looking for 77 tips for using social media to help promote your website. (Not an affiliate; just a reader of the newsletter.)

He also sends you to link about 500 Passwords You Should NEVER use. Very interesting. (I haven't ever used any of them.)

I get a lot of my ideas for my graphics from inspiring websites. I get ivillage newsletters, and I always check out what's going on in forums -- all over the web. One link leads to another. After I find something I want to do fun, I start looking for pictures, just so I know how I want to pose my character, when I'm doing characters.

Other times, my whimsical scribbles develop into whimseys. Haven't done any in awhile. Need to do some again. They are fun.

Enjoy your Saturday! I know I will.

And pick up today's graphics!

3 free graphics a day; png kits

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