Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Pendants: Nine to see ... a glimpse of some in the making

Good morning,

July is here ... and I have 9 July pendants up. I have my favs, of course.

In the picture above, there are 4 views.

The top picture is just a decoration. The view to the right is 11-07--0009. The lower left view is all nine of the July pendants, to date, in a Laughing Cow container. It stores them so nicely.

The bottom right view is some stones that are ready to be placed into a pendant. You would not believe the number of stones (out of clay) that I've already created. That is my favorite part of the creating process.

I still have tons of unbaked items, sitting on my desk on little index cards. I bake them on the index cards.

Each stone will go through 2-3 bakes. I put aluminum foil over the baking clay pendants to keep them from scorching.

Like my graphics, I get hours and hours of fun from doing this type of creating. The time just gets away from me. I can easily put in 8 to 12 hours doing these activities, so my weekends go so fast.

People notice the pendants wherever I go. Many people have said, "You need to sell them." I am looking to start a small business doing just that, and if I have enough interest, I will definitely start that. That may be before the end of this year. Maybe sooner. I am getting my inventory together now, so I'll have something to offer when I do that.

What do you think?


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