Sunday, July 3, 2011

Patterns in Flowers

Good morning,

A patterned flower can add interest and texture to your graphics.

Today, I am offering the settings I used to achieve this patterned flower. To see more, just head over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. It's in 7/3/11's menu.

From the menu page of daily graphics, you just click each day and it opens. Simply click it closed, as each day opens in it's own window, but the menu page remains open. It's a simple and fast way to view the days without having to maneuver back or forward. Easier for me, too!

Here is a smaller picture of all 3 flowers finished, and the pattern that was used in the upper left picture. The lower right shows a pattern I'd created already and the flower merged together (left). The picture to the right of it, is fthe final pattern, and then the settings below them both. It's bigger on EAPDG.

I do use Paint Shop Pro, vs. 9, but I'm sure the ideas are pretty much the same in other programs.

Hope you find this useful in your creations. I also tell you in today's sharing, how to put the pattern in the flowers.

Have a terrific Sunday!


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