Sunday, July 3, 2011

June's Clay Pendants:0005 thru 0009


Another set of pendants created for June.

Pendant 0006 was given to a co-worker. She wore it almost every day last week as she dearly loved it. "It's so smooth", she declares. She loves the feel of it as well as the fact that is extremely light.

When I first started creating with Sculpey clay, I had many of my beginning creations TURN STICKY. I learned over the years, I wasn't firing them long enough. Pendants are fairly small, and when they come out of the oven, they should feel very light. I have been able to fix the stickyness of older items made simply by rebaking them. I let them cool completely, and then glaze with a high finish.

Some people like small pendants; and others like bigger pendants. My daughter tends to like bigger items.

I love all of these; but I'd have to say that 0005 is my favorite. Both 0005 and 0007 have a very nice transparency in them. All of these have beaded wire bails.

They're pretty!


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