Sunday, July 3, 2011

Third set of June Pendants: 0010 thru 0013

Good morning!

Another set of June's Pendants. I took these pictures with my picture phone, as I found it actually took better "smaller, detailed" pictures than my Canon PowerShot SX100 IS.

Pendant 0010 is too delicate to actually wear due to the attenna of the butterfly, but it would be beautiful on a small ribbon, hanging on the edge of a baby frame as decoration. It is adorable.

Out of this set, I'm particularly fond of 0011 and 0013. 0011 has just a simple wire for it's bail while the others are beaded. 0012 and 0013 have different types of ribbon, but that can be swapped out for other types of ribbons.

0011 thru 0013 were created several years ago, but were sticky. I had not baked them long enough. I rebaked them after adding some new designs to each. Each pendant has a high glossed finish.

Have a great day. The pictures of the pendants are bigger on my website.


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