Sunday, July 17, 2011

More free scrapbooking graphics

Good morning, again.

I find weekends to be the best time for me to post, as I have more free time then. But, I'm trying to get you caught up on everything that's over at my website since I last posted.

This first item is a Bow Frame or Journal Box. It would fit well on a girl baby birth announcement card! It's posted on 7/15/11.

This second art graphic is called Flower Frame, posted on 7/16/11. I love the design of it. What do you think?

And again last ... there always has to be a last -- but not least, is one of my characters from a series I call "Poor Baby". This one is 11-0716-12b. I used him on a birthday card for my daughter-in-law, Kathy, whose birthday is TODAY! Happy birthday, Kathy! (I'll feature the card in the next post, along with a picture of her birthday gift that I made just for her. She's such a striking gal!)

I will feature several other Poor Babies over the next few days.

Hope you'll have a wonderful day today!


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