Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Woman and A Very Special Surprise For Me

Happy Birthday to you --- Kathy!

I hope it will be a wonderful, terrific day for you to celebrate in.

This is the sculpey pendant and earring set I made for Kathy's birthday. I just love black and white, and it goes with almost anything. I hope you get many hours of fun out of wearing my gift.

And here is the quick little card I did for Kathy using Poor Baby 11-0716-12b. In the previous post, he was only in black and white outlines. I like to leave many of my graphics like that so you can print them and color them with colors you prefer.

Happy Birthday again, Kathy!

And to the rest of you ... have a great Sunday, also.


P.S. Yesterday, I had a blast from my past. Hi, Joann! I was cleaning out my spam box in my email and ran across an old friend's email sent to me back in January of this year. I was so tickled to read it ... and quickly responded. Being as it had been so long since she sent it, I wasn't sure how quick a reply I would get. I included my cell phone number ... and she called me. I had a wonderful chat with her for about 20-30 minutes. She is currently away, but when she returns, we will have a lunch together!

Thanks, Joann! It was so wonderful hearing from you!

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