Friday, May 18, 2007

All Eyes On Friday

Good Morning FRIDAY! What a wonderful day of the week.

One way I like to have lots of tubes for creations I do is to do one feature many ways.

This is only ONE set of eyes, duplicated and each colorized individually. I have an eyes folder and inside, eye 1, eye 2, etc.

I do the same thing with faces, noses, and lips. I have a folder for arms and hands, too.

A clothes folder comes in handy for dressing my designs.

The best way to come up with different sets of anything is to just save pictures and use them as your point of reference.

For design or composition, I will see something I like and save it and try one or two features from it. I have lines, textures, shading, etc. And I have folders for those as well.

I hope everyone has a fantastic TGIF day. It's my favorite day of the week!

See you tomorrow.

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