Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Monday Artwork

Good HOLIDAY morning!

One of the best things about a holiday ... you get the day off.

Today, I made a little card template, colorizing the background with different colors and each with a different saying about grandparents.

For many, today will be a very busy day. Parties with friends or family may be on your agenda.

I went out yesterday to look at the kittens playing in the yard. Grabbed my camera, only to discover the battery was low. I laid out in the grass and watched them. They are still wobbly and slow, but just adorable.

My neighbor wants one of the kittens. My husband told her they did not belong to us, so she was free to take whichever she wanted, but that they were still too young to separate from their mama. They are not weaned yet.

My husband is contemplating how he's going to cut the backyard grass with them being out there.

I checked my garden to discover I don't need new tomato plants this year. I have 2 shadow boxes from last year, and both are fairly teeming with more plants than I bought in 2006. I will thin them out as they grow, letting the strongest continue. I will move some to pots and place on our deck.

Enjoy today, and I will return tomorrow.

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