Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Surprises

Good Morning!

This is called "Lone Flower". Just a quick little picture I did this morning -- completely made with kaleidoscopes.

Wednesday is Hump Day. And this Hump Day gave me a surprise.

My cat, Sammy, wanted in from his night's wanderings. But shortly, he wanted back out. And, he wanted out the front door, instead of the back door.

And that's when I found my surprise. On my stoop were four very small kittens ... and their mom.

Sweetie, the mom, is a wild kitty that I've been feeding throughout our bitterly cold, harsh winter. She is not very old, and just beautiful. Over the winter, her fur grew thicker and wilder. She was absurdly FAT! As warmer weather came on, she grew fatter and fatter.

And then she suddenly looked thin. She was meowing at my back deck door for food constantly. I continued feeding her.

Now mind you, she is wild. I have never touched her, but she no longer runs when I feed her unless I step out on the deck, but even then; she only runs partially down the deck steps.

I believe she knows I would never hurt her, but she is still wild.

When she grew fat, I thought she may be carrying babies. But then she grew thin, and nothing. And this morning, four sweet little babes curled up on my mat in front of the door, were just such a surprise.

I fed mama Sweetie as I always have. The kittens didn't run, but hissed at me when I petted them. They are adorable with their sweet big eyes and wispy fine furs. They can't be too old. Not more than 3 or 4 weeks old; and not weanable yet.

I put out an old jacket that was my dad's with furry lining on the corner of the front porch and placed each kitten inside it. It was in a box by the door to give-away. Sweetie just watched from a safe distance. I am sure she will move them to her hiding place before the morning light comes. At least I hope so.

My dear hubby will not be pleased over all this. He already voices his objections for my putting out food for strays. After all, Sammy was a stray of about 1 year when I took him in.

But, finding those kittens this morning -- it just made my day! I will smile all day long.

Have a really great Hump Day! I know I will!

See you tomorrow!

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