Sunday, May 27, 2007

Photo Art for Sunday

Good morning!

My grand-
daughter was a kitty for Halloween in 2006. The costume came from her cousin, Katie, in St. Louis, MO, in a box of "hand-me downs", which always thrilled Taylor to no end.

This costume was one she wore constantly. She just loved it.

I love Paint Shop Pro to use with pictures. I was able to take this snapshot, done by her other grandparents, and removed the background, which was Taylor striking a pose at their front door. I zoomed in very close, and used the selection tool, point-to-point, and cut away the background. Then I added a white layer beneath the finished project to make sure there were no stray pixels. I also will change the background to black and other colors to continue checking.

I then eliminate the background so I can save my finished transparency.

Now my picture is a tube, and can be used anywhere I wish to use it.

I put a close-up picture of Tay's face and her hand posing as a cat ready to scratch.

The background was a drop shadow that was swirled, copied a second time and done in mosaic.

The "o" in Taylor's name has a kalei in it as well as the "T" to her name.

Hope you have a terrific Sunday.

P.S. The kittens are doing well. Still in the back yard, and growing each day. When we go out, they stay hidden, but one adorable striped kitty peeks out their little entrance and just watches us. Mama cat, Sweetie, lays close by under an old swing, keeping an eye on the entire situation.

See you tomorrow.

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