Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good morning!

Two pictures this morning.

The first is to welcome the month of August. It is two kaleis put together.

The kaleis came from Monday's creation.

The second picture is one of the kittens that "wild" mama kitten had this spring. I've talked about the kittens and mama, who I call Sweetie, that come and go from my yard.

I haven't seen all of the kittens together since last weekend. They wander more and more and now.

The black kittens are still very small.

Out of the four, there are 2 black, and 2 striped. Actually, one of the striped is kind of "mottled". Those two have grown so much that is it hard to tell that they are still babies.

Mama kitty is on the small side, so when those two babies are near her, at first glance, it's easy to get mama mixed up with either of them. But looking at the faces and tail helps pinpoint her.

She has a very sweet, feminine-looking face and a beauty all her own. She has exquisite, beautifully colored eyes that seem to shine, and a generous, almost "bushy" tail. Often is is tangled looking because she is wild and outside all the time.

Last weekend, on Saturday, Taylor was here. She was surprised to spy one of the little black kittens high up in our tree. We could see it from the kitchen window. The main living space of our house is on the second floor. The main door brings you inside the entry-way to steps that go downstairs to the basement/garage level or upstairs to the main living area.

Taylor spied that kitten and said, "Oh mamaw! The black kitty's in the tree. We have to get it down!"

"No, we don't", I said. "It got up there by itself, and it can get down by itself."

She insisted that we open the windows. Sweetie was lying in the front yard with one of the striped kitties next to her. I told Taylor that opening the window would alert them to our presence, and that would cause them to scatter away. I suggested watching through the window.

Nope! She opened the window anyway, and off they all went. To my great surprise, and Tay's, the black kitten in the tree had NO TROUBLE coming down that tree and taking refugee somewhere out of sight!

Next Sunday, Taylor will be going on a trip to Dollywood with her dad and his family.

My daughter will be Taylor-free for one whole week. This is a first for her: both hard and welcome at the same time. She will miss her immensely, I'm sure.

It worked out well though, as she is moving next weekend. This will give her time to paint two rooms in her old apartment, and get everything boxed up. She will move next weekend, so when Taylor returns, it will be to a new home.

Have a really great Wednesday. It's good old hump day, and we're almost halfway through the week.

See you tomorrow.

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