Sunday, July 22, 2007

Always Been Cute Thank You

Saturdy morning - yahoo! It's good!

I know you've seen this tube of Taylor before. That's the nice thing about tubing a photo or picture. You can use them again and again, wherever you deem it's appropriate.

My daughter had a lunch date on Friday, and Taylor was delighted that she was invited along. Such a "grown up" lunch.

After the lunch, Danny gave Taylor a gift. She just loves it. And he did, too, since it plays the Kentucky University fight song when it's hit. He had it in his car, and it was very generous on his part to give it to Taylor.

Taylor wanted to make Danny a "thank you" card. She was going to draw one, and maybe she still will.

I was working on stationary, and she came in and saw it. She liked it right away, and said, "Can we make a thank you card for Danny on it?" I was delighted. She loves pink!

I printed it out for her on cardboard so we could cut it into a card, but unfortunately, I need to replace my printer's colored ink. It came out in yellows, lime greens, with some black and blue. She was sadly disappointed.

I was going to feature the stationary today anyway, so I just put the card up here. Hopefully, I can run to Walmart and pickup some colored ink today. Then we'll give it another shot.

I made the design on the left. I was looking at a flower on a card, but then altered it as I went. It looks like cherry red balls and magnifying glass balls. I then kalei'd it as I always do. This gave me the accessories.

That's it for today! Enjoy your Sunday, and I'll be back tomorrow -- on "dreaded Monday"!

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