Saturday, July 7, 2007

Coffee Mugs Fun

Good morning to you!

Well, with so many coffee mugs, perhaps you'll head to the kitchen for a cup. My day doesn't start without it!

I did these mugs on Thursday. After I made the mug, I decided to see how many different ways I could design it.

My computer is really slow this morning. I had to reboot just to get on the internet. Everything is running sluggishly. Ugh!

We've had a little rain the last couple of days, which we needed badly.

The kittens love to come up and lay on my deck now. I guess the warm wood feels good to them.

I am watching them through the glass door, and learning the personalities to several of them.

There is one little black kitty with white paws on the it's hind legs ... and he/she is a real character. There is always one in the bunch. This one loves to chase its tail, and it will do so on the very top step. How it manages NOT to fall down them is beyond me. And if the others are sprawled out sleeping, this one loves to go pounce on another and begin biting and playing.

There is also "the little princess" or "prince". This one prefers the comfort of one my cushy chairs instead of the warm slats of the deck floor. That one has to be a girl!

I took pictures though my glass window. The glass does interfer though. But, if I open the door, they run off to hide.

They won't be little much longer. My husband says, "Well. I guess you have more cats now." I don't really. They just "live" out there.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!

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