Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vacation On A Fantasy Planet

Good morning,

This creation started just as an experiment in painting colors. I tried one effect after another, and eventually I saw a picture developing. I then had a goal to aim for.

This is a fantasy space planet. This little creature is renting a wilderness habitat shack on unusual wheels. She is visiting a lake crater in a very unusual desert on the planet of Mapo.

It is a spacescape.

This planet has a blue sun and a very animated mountain in the background.

I experimented some with shading and textures which is always fun.

My granddaughter is here this early morning. Her mom had an "afternoon" date for lunch, and Taylor asked before-hand if she could spend the night. She's a treat to have around, and I said it was fine with me, if it was fine with her mom. Her mom said okay.

She had a fun day, feeding and coaxing kitties. We fed them a can of tuna, which I only reserve for Taylor days. It is so cute to hear her out back singing and talking to the kittens. She so desires to pet and hold one, but they are wild. They do seem to find her entertaining though. Maybe it's because she's a "little person", even though she is quite tall for her age. Tall and skinny! And beautiful -- like her mom.

Her most adoring thing to do while staying here is to play on my computer. She spent most of the day doing so. Mostly games. She loves games.

She was allowed to eat lunch (thanks, mom) from McDonald's menu yesterday, which is a real treat for her as she follows a "no wheat, gluten-free" diet with her mom. Of course, she then had to put up with the stomach ache that came with it.

For the evening meal, I decided we'd head back to the diet. I needed to shop for dinner items, but Taylor was too busy to leave the computer to go with me -- a first. I gave her the option to stay home, which she gladly took. After all, grandpa was here.

We had a wonderful dinner of steak, mashed potatoes, limas, and corn. She thought the limas were "yucky", and made the most wonderful faces of disgust as I make her eat at least 1 lima.

She was so absorbed in playing that when the ice cream man came on our street, I thought she would play right through his passing. I waited and waited until I was afraid we'd miss him. I wandered down the hall and said, "I hear something." She listened intently and her eyes lit up. "Yes we can!" I smiled at her. Out we ran to get her dessert.

And now she sleeps, although I must be very quiet. While she sleeps like a log at home, I think she always keeps one ear peeled to her grandmother's early morning "stolen" minutes, when I can take refuge in my computer for awhile.

She tinkered around with Cosmic Blobs yesterday, but found the games to play more enticing. After all, when in Cosmic Blobs, she needs her grandmother's help. And grandma's hands just get in the way too much. I must work on this.

I imagine we'll see my daughter sometime this morning after breakfast. I still have to find time to go grocery shopping, and then cook up my meals for the week as well as do some laundry. The day will go fast, and the weekend will end way too quickly.

But we're all looking forward to the Fourth of July and some time off. I am making a long weekend next weekend by adding Thursday and Friday and acquiring a full 5-day vacation. Others at work are taking Monday and Tuesday, so this is the long weekend for them.

Have a great Sunday! See you all tomorrow -- bright and early!

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