Monday, July 16, 2007

Signs for your Desktop

Good morning!

Without fail, Monday has rolled around again. While I'm not partial to Monday's, it does mean that Friday will roll around again in another 5 days! Yeah! (Do we really spend so much time wishing our lives away and then complain that time just moves faster and faster all the time?)

This is a desktop art piece to place on my computer. Use it when you're on vacation OR just when you wish you were.

Everything here was made from kaleis.

Yesterday, I finally bought Cosmic Blobs Deluxe. It has all the tools that were missing from the Lab Rat Edition I first bought.

But. One of the things I wanted to be able to do was to "make my own stickers". I read in a Cosmic Blob manual that it takes dot bmp, gif, jpg, tif, png, and tga extensions. I also believe it said you could use Paint Shop Pro to design and put your stickers in it. So far, I am not able to import or save a sticker without a white background. Ugh!!!!

I know a gif and a png can be transparent. So why is it NOT doing transparent?? Maddening.

Have a really great Monday! I'll be back tomorrow!

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