Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas quote (religious) and A Procrastinator's Cartoon

Happy Christmas Eve Day on Monday!

Can you believe it?  Christmas is tomorrow.  My art to share today is a quote.  Since I celebrate Christmas, and HE whom it represents (Christ), I felt this quote was fitting for today.

It's changed just slightly, taking out two "and" words.

This little cartoon is for any procrastinators still rushing before Christmas Day.  Of course, it's already to late to get gifts OUT and RECEIVED by Christmas, but a gift received a little late is always well-received!  So don't beat yourself up too much!

Cartoon is read top left, lower right, bottom left, bottom right.

I usually take off the whole week before Christmas week, and get my gifts done and out.  Due to having surgery in July, and having two months off to recover (and I'm talking flat on my back in pain for those full two months),  I've used up a lot of leave time.  I always keep some on the books for emergencies (thank heavens, because I needed it THIS year), I could only spend a week's leave on Christmas without leaving my annual leave dry.

So ... unfortunately, I find myself in the procrastinator's cartoon.  And that's why I created it!

I have three out-of-town gifts to go.  Actually, it might be 4.  I forgot about one.  Most of my gifts are handmade or simple items (sweets) to consume for the holidays.  I don't buy actual presents, except for my grandchildren here, as most of my grown children are quite able to buy, and do, the things they want.

And, I find myself still finishing up ... today.  So, it's going to be a busy day for me!

Have yourself a grand day!



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