Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning greeting and miniature photo magnets

Good CHRISTMAS morning to you all,

Surely you are all getting ready to spring from your covers, and venture out to the wonder of Christmas morning!  It's here!  It's here!  How wonderful!!!

My art above today can be snagged, if you wish.  It's a simple Merry Christmas greeting just for this morning!!

As the day continues, I will find myself in the kitchen, cooking.  Mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans with potatoes and pork.  That is my gift to our Christmas meal at my daughters.

I wrapped all my gifts yesterday, so they are ready to load into the car.  I'm off to visit with my grandchildren for a small part of the day, and watch them open our Christmas presents.

My oldest granddaughter has a lot of common sense items.  She picked them out herself, when she, her mom, and I went Christmas shopping about a month ago.  She'll be delighted though, because she had to wait to get them.

My youngest granddaughter has some of the same, but one big toy of a doll with a full set of items with it.  It is her biggest gift.

I felt bad that I didn't feel we got enough for the youngest, but my daughter said, "Mom.  She's going to have so much.  Don't worry about it."  And remember.  Her big gift had so many items:  doll (her favorite thing, a stroller, a high chair, and a bed, I think."  But she will soon be to the age where she knows and compares, so this will be the last year that I won't have to really watch the evenness.

My oldest granddaughter calls me "mamaw".  My youngest, her sister, calls me "grandma".  It's so funny.  But the youngest named me as she saw fit, and she doesn't call anyone else "grandma", and she has 3 of us.  I called my grandmother "mamaw", and the oldest one chose the same name for me.

I also made some gummy bears yesterday.  I love gummy bears.  They turned out spectacular, and I am taking a bag of those with me today for all of us to enjoy.  I can't wait to make these with my oldest granddaughter the next time she visits.

This morning, I decided to try one more little item for my daughter. 

As you know, I am a pinterest lady.  That's where I got the recipe for gummy bears.

While going through my pinterest board this morning, I re-discovered little picture magnets for the fridge.  So I pulled about 12 pictures together, and made some.

Unfortunately, I was upset that I didn't have any photo paper.  I looked and looked and looked.

But ... I did find an unopened package of photo magnet paper.  It's a photo finish on one side, and a full sheet magnet on the back.  PERFECT!!!

So I printed out my pictures, cut them, and then thought:  "How am I going to present them?"  So, I came up with my own little gift box pattern.

It's is about 1/2 wide, and holds the magnet pictures perfectly.

Here you see the front of the box, and the back of the box.  I used my cuttlebug to make the front embossed LOVE sign.  I printed the pictures several times, so I had lots of extras.  I took one of my daughter and me from about 1998 or or 1999 and put it on the back.  It is NOT a magnet, just decoration for the box.

We used to do a little country western dancing back then, and this was one of my favorites snapped at the bar where we went to dance.  I still look amazingly young in this picture.  Ahhh!  The good times.  I'm not saying the times are bad now ... but it has been a rough year for me, and my age is finally starting to show.  Oh well.

This is the set inside, done very small.  It's mainly just to show you the miniature magnets, not necessarily the pictures.  I snuck one of me and papaw in at the top left.  Looks like there's 15 magnets; not 12.  They are about 2 inches squared.  (The pictures came out much better on the items, of course.  This is a picture of the magnets or a picture of the pictures.)

You can do your own set.  Get the instructions here:

I don't have the same program she does, but I waddled my through in my program.

Have a terrific Christmas.  I know we will.

God bless you all.


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