Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Animal 2; great for a get well card!

Good Tuesday morning!

This is party animal 2, and this one has a tear in his eye.  I made the original party animal below, and then my daughter texted me that she was throwing up.  She has the flu.  I quickly made a big tear to go in his eye for a quick text picture.  (See below.)

Here is party animal two, both pngs.  One larger, and one smaller.  Doing the work for you on this one so you don't have to resize (but you still can, if you wish.)

Here is the little tear, png format again.

The card.  You can put things together fast.  I took a picture,
and then texted the picture to her.

And last, but not least, is the flower I created, another png graphic.

I always visit my daughter and granddaugthers on Friday because my work place is close to their home.  My daughter had texted Friday morning, that her youngest had the flu.  Threw up multiple times and had woke up that morning crying.  She must have gotten up with it.

You are thirsty, but ANYTHING you put in your stomach, even sips of water or sprite, come right back up with this flu.

My daughter wanted to give me the opportunity NOT to come, as she didn't want me to catch it.  But she wasn't sure it was the flu.  I had her text me later in the day to see how my grandbaby was coming along.  She appeared to be "on the mend."  So ... I went for a visit.

Then Sunday, my daughter texted that she had it.  She was miserable.

By early evening, my oldest granddaughter had it.  Poor babies!  (She was going to keep her home from school the next day, even if she was mending, as it worn her out.)

So this thing is contagious!

I am praying that I did NOT bring it home for me and my husband to pass around.

For me, if I don't get it Monday or Tuesday (I'm writing this blog post early), I'll be fine.  I work at home on these days, so at least I can work from home.

But my dear hubby goes out into the workplace, and he visits lots of companies throughout the day, making it a TRAVELING sickness.  Most people do not want this type of gift through the holiday season.

So stay well, and hopefully, you will not find yourself sick or exposing others.  (My husband's company told them NOT to get sick through the holidays.  C'mon now.  What can you do when you're sick.)

My company, on the other hand, says, "If you are sick, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO WORK, and expose everyone else."  Thank you!  Common sense.

Which company would you want to work for???

To your health!


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