Monday, December 31, 2012

Free Png Mouse and Flower this New Year's Eve Day

Good morning!

New Year's Eve Day; how wonderful!  Many people have BIG PLANS for tonight.  Perhaps you do, too!  If you do ... please keep it safe!  Do not DRINK AND DRIVE!!!  Always have a designated driver, or call a cab.  Let's keep lowering the number of people hurt or killed on the roads, due to drinking and driving, this year!

My first offering to you today, is a funny little mouse.  In the graphic png above, he's in love!  How sweet.

 In this picture, you can add your own sentiment, as I left it blank.
 And here he is, all by his lonesome.

And here is just the flower graphic png.  If you have a graphic editing program, you can use them in any different creations, or all together.  The different pngs give you a lot of flexibility.

We are staying in on this New Year's Eve, which is normal for us.

We go to sleep fairly early, and I find it IMPOSSIBLE to stay up late enough to even see the ball drop in Times Square.  Of course, Dick Clark died this year, so he won't be hosting it.

We used to try to stay up, or at least, set an alarm clock to get up.  We'd open a bottle of bubbly, have steak and shrimp, and toast in the New Year.  While I have steaks and salmon in the freezer, I didn't even bother picking up the bubbly.

My husband doesn't really care for champagne, so he will have a small amount to toast the New Year in, but then he's done.  I might have a full champagne glass, and then finish it the next day.  It just didn't seem like it was worth it this year.

I talked to my younger sister yesterday, and we had a long, wonderful chat.  She is taking chemo right now.  She's had one treatment, with some chemo fog, she called it.  A little nausea, too, but nothing she couldn't handle.

She has 3 more treatments to go:  Jan. 10th, 31st, and February sometime.  She's already bought her wig, in case her hair falls out.  I hope it doesn't, but I'm glad she is prepared.

I am so blessed that my health problems weren't as serious, although it was precancerous, but they got it all.

I am glad to see this year end, although I am worried about the tax cuts we had previously, and maybe losing them.  I think we are still in for a rough new year in 2013.

We had a little more snow yesterday, but not much.  We had a bigger one on Friday and then Saturday, so the trees were really loaded when we went to the grocery.  The roads were good, though.

After tonight, things will settle back into normal mode.

I go back to work, and I can tell you, I've really enjoyed having so many days off in a row.  It gave me so much time to craft.  I am planning on working from home on Wed., and Thurs.

Enjoy today and tonight!  Make merry!

And take care.


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