Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paper and Sculpey Christmas Ornament and a Get Well Card

Good Saturday morning,

Trials and tributions today.  With my computer ... it's driving me crazy.  I'll pull up a picture to edit it as they are usually too dark.  And boom!  Down my computer goes without any warning.  That is puzzling to me, as I just bought a brand new computer this year.

Thank heavens my husband is a techie, and he comes up (from his cave, downstairs), and looks it over.  I'm hoping it's fixed now.

It started a few weeks ago, but today, it will let me work about an hour, and then down it goes.

My husband thinks he's got the problem fixed.

It looks like blogger posted my items out of order.  It figures.  (I hope my whole day is NOT going to be like this.)

The first creation today is a card I made yesterday.  It's going to be a get well card for a friend that just underwent surgery.  It in all black and white.  The backing behind the quilled flower looks gray in this picture, but that's because it has shine to it.  It's actually much more black.

I like all black and white cards, as well as many of my sculpeys.  This picture shows two of my heart sculpeys.  I love to do hearts.

I made all the paper for this creation and all the designs I've used on it so far.  It is an unfinished project right now, but will be done very soon.

In an earlier post, when I first started out this morning, I mentioned I'd made an ornament.  Here is a picture showing it.

It started with two flower designs under the heart that is showing.  I cut out two and glued them together, leaving room to sneak a little stuffing inside.  This caused it to bulk up and then I finished gluing it together.

I then punched a hole in the bottom and strung some yarn through it and tied it.  I glue along the edges and pressed the yarn along till I got to the top.  I let it dry and tied it .  I made a bow and loop for hanging on the tree.  And then, I tied it off.

I put a pearl string/glued again/around the sculpey heart.  At the top, I wounds some yarn in a circular fashion to decorate the heart.  The heart has a quilled circle under it, which is glued to a red paper base.  Another quilled circle attaches it to the ornament.  This gives it lot of dimension.

And that is the front.

Here is a close up of the sculpey heart on the front.

This is the back of the card.  I did not make the sticker, but layered it onto a white card stock base, used a quilling circle to give it dimension underneath, and glued that to another red paper card.  Another quilling circle is underneath that.  When you look it it from the sides, you can see how it spreads out.

This was supposed to be the FIRST picture of my get well card.  Alas, it is the last.  Oh well.

It is not finished yet, but thought I'd post it, as it was one of my creations yesterday.  I'm waiting for my muse to help me finish it.

Have a great day!


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