Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas card closeups: Qulling, Sculpey, Tissue Paper Flowers

Good morning again,  (This is for Friday's post)

I'm back with the closeups of the cards I just mentioned in my previous post.  This item above is quilling, and I did this particular quilling set many months ago.  I also use quilled pieces under the items I glue on instead of sticky dots.

Over the years, I'll use a product and like it a lot.  I might be able to buy it again, but more often than not, it seems to be replaced by something that must be thought of as "New and Improved", but that I find I don't like as much.

Sticky dots made of some glue are some of the products I find very difficult to use.  I have trouble getting it off the waxed paper, especially LARGE sticky dots.  And then trying to get them OFF MY FINGERS and onto my project ... well, let's just say, "It ain't pretty!"

I got so tired of trying something new, and thought, "Ok.  I'll just have to find a way ... and hopefully, one that will NOT keep costing me money."  I tried the quilled circles, and they work terrific!

This is a close up the the sculpey flower I made some months ago; maybe last year.  Probably last year.  Since my surgery in July, I haven't done as much sculpey creating.  I have made so many items, that I have jars and jars.  So now, I'm using them in my card making.  I should have enough to last me years.

This little flower just needed to be glossed.  Another pet peeve.  Sculpey quit making and carrying their hi-gloss coating at Michael's.  I looked at Joanne's.  I like their glossy better than a less glossy one they had.

I finally asked about the product, and someone at the store mentioned that some of the items had been discontinued.  I waited to see if they'd replace it, but the answer must be no.  I don't know why it was discontinued.  I loved it.  It really made my items pop.

It can be found online, but for the most part, I am NOT an online shopper, usually.

I'm currently using Americana's TRIPLE THICK, and I like it pretty good.  And, it comes in a much bigger container!  YEAH for that!

Here is a closeup of the bear's face.  He's on all of my Christmas cards this year.  Maybe I should've given him a Santa hat!

A closeup of the doillie, red tissue paper flower, some more quilling, and three of my sculpeys; two having gems on them.

This is the gem on the other side of the red flower.

And that it's for the closeups!


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