Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas graphics AND a thyroid tip for thyroid concerns

An early good morning to all,

The above graphic is a jpg, and it's a decoration I did this morning.  It would make a nice Christmas card front, or tag for gifts.  It is free to use however you wish.  (I hope to make some accessories to go with this over the next few days.)

This graphic is the same thing, but in png format, in case you have a graphics editing program.

I am pleased to announce, to those who read my blog, that after having a "whipple" operation back at the end of July, my body seems to finally be returning to normal.  Two months after the whipple, my hair started falling out -- FAST!  Anyone who has experienced this knows ... it's dreadfully frightening.

About three days ago, my hair finally stopped ... yes!  STOPPED falling out.  What I'm getting now seems to be normal hair loss, which is great, since the two months of losing it, has left it much thinner.

Now, I am ON THE MEND!  (It should grow back in, but I don't think it will be as thick as before due to age.)

A tip for today, due to my reading, is USE BUTTER, if you have thyroid problems.  It seems that butter doesn't slow iodine uptake in your body the way margarine and polyunsaturated fats can.  Polyunsaturated fats would be canola oil and corn oil, which I used to use -- way back when.

This tip is from reading Woman's World, and comes from the 12/3/12 issue, page 16.  The article is called NATURAL HEALTH:  Stressed?  Tired?  Gaining weight?  Fix your "broken" thyroid.

Thyroid issues run in my family, so this little bit of news helps a lot.  This issue is still in the stores through Thursday.  My stores always seems to put out the new one on Friday's ... so there's still two days to pick it up.

Enjoy the graphics and the tip!


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