Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sharing my little handmade art journal and a few starting journal pages

Good Sunday morning,

I'm back with my camera, and showing off my new art journal.  There are no rules in your art journal.  It's your art, your feelings, whatever pleases just YOU.

Another site to see about art journaling is here:

In this first picture, I played around with my heart cutter. 

I also added a cute  little flower from some paper purchased at Michael's.  I had it around for several years, and had not used it yet.  I added a little gem to it.  The flower is from the same paper I used to cover my journal. 

The little Christmas tree shape is a triangle from a dollie.  It stamped it with paints to look like a little Christmas tree, and I used some of these as decorations on my Christmas packages this year.

There are 2 sculpey items, a heart that I love and hadn't used, and one of the little owls from about five that I made.

The little blue bird at the top is some of my digital art, that I printed, cut out, and added to my art page.

It's fun to flip through the pages and see what I've created!

Here's another art journal page.  It has no title or words, but is just some digital art flowers that were printed on photo paper earlier this year.  I added gems to add a little bling.  The left side design, other than another flower, is black on white paper, and I just started cutting out shapes and putting them together.  The 2 dots are from 2 different sizes of sticky dots.

Here is a poor picture of my little box, laying down and facing up.

Another picture of my handmade little book standing up and flinging it's pages open. The paper on the insides of the covers are pink; the same color you see in the spine below.

And here is the last picture of my little art journal.  As I said, it is completely handmade.  It has a fair amount of pages inside.

I will have to scrap most of them flat, but I couldn't help putting dimension inside it too.  When it is finished, I'll attach a ribbon to connect to the front and back, so it will tie loosely shut.  I'll place it on my black table by the stairway.  I think it will beg to be opened and viewed.

Have a really terrific Sunday.

I'll try to get up another post of some pngs for you to enjoy.


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