Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exciting Journal Art Project; Free png Flowers for you

Good Saturday morning,

In browsing the internet yesterday, I found pictures about art journaling.

I am hoping to journal each day with old pictures I have of me and my family.  I hope I can keep it up, because I'd love to put the journal on a dvd for my kids ... maybe as a Christmas present next year.

But this idea was unique.  There are NO RULES.  Nothing is wrong.  Nothing is right.  You create whatever you want ... and it's just for yourself.

You can use any journaling ideas you want!  A quote, a story, a word, a feeling ... it's your creation ... for YOU!

I like to combine digital with physical.  In the picture above, my creation is totally digitial.  But I liked it so much, I wanted a physical creation with it.

I kept Bethesda (the strange little character) separated out from the rest of the picture.  I didn't have photo paper at the moment (hope to buy some today),   I printed the base picture on 8 x 11.5 card stock, and then Bethesda on a separate card stock.  I cut her out, and glued her to another piece of card stock to make her stiff.  I then mounted her on the base ... the shadow was left ON the base, with quilling circles.

It is beautiful.

This is a very poor quality picture of the finished project.  Believe me when I say, the actual finished project looks sooooo much better.  The color just doesn't come through.  I slipped the item into a protective cover sleeve, and she's all ready to go into my book that I keep.  I still will probably do another, but smaller, as I'm making a smaller frame (about 5 x 7"), and would love to put this one in it.

This picture has been turned slightly, in hopes that you can see the dimension she has from the base.

Here are some png flowers for you to snag today.

A great site for journal prompts, and where I found my quote for my project is here:

She has some excellent journal prompts, and I hope you check it out!  Great stuff!

Tomorrow, I'm posting pictures of a small journal book I made.  I've done a few art journal pages in it already, and they are dimensional.  The book won't close, but when it's finished, I'll add a ribbon that attaches to the front and back to hold it slightly closed.

I will need to try the journal on a larger scale also, as the little book I made is very small.  But, it's pretty, I think.

I have my items ready for the 31st, too.  New Year's Eve.

Until then, enjoy.

P.S.  I am really enjoying making more of my creations into physical items.

I will post the one I worked on last night.


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