Monday, December 24, 2012

Using a tutorial for making packages pretty-Paper Flower Adornments

Good Monday morning ... for a second post.

I've been cruising my own pinterest boards, looking at the websites to some of the items I've pinned.  It's fun to do.  I can see all the things I've pinned, and click to try the ones I want.  I've visited some marvelous places this morning.  It is still early morning.

I found a tutorial for this basic white flower at  It is for only the basic flower.  Visit the site to see the instructions.

I already had made some red flowers previously, and I had them in my stash of premade items.  I thought the red ones would look beautiful in this design.

On the first one, I place the red flower on the top of the coiled circles.  (The side picture is placed further down, as blogspot is reordering my pictures.  It didn't get posted.)

This is the second flower I made.   This time, I used a stamping ink pad in blue.  I lifted each leaf, and placed a paper under the petal and over the rest, so just the top petal would be stained/colored.  I like it.

And I put the flower right on the center, and let the coils fall around it.  A yellow gem is in the center of the flower this time.  These will be great for decorating gifts.

They are super simple and fast to make.  I cut the petals bigger than on the first flower.  You can play with the design yourself to shape it how you wish.  The additions I added to this tutorial were just me playing around.

I like how they turned out.

After doing this one, I thought, "Hey what if I draw back every other petal and loop it behind, how would it look?"  I am holding this in place, but future ones, will include this new design.

And here is the first flower from a top angle.  Pretty, huh?
Hope you enjoy!

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