Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mixed Media Art: Cute Little Bubble Frame

Hello again,

Again, the color quality just doesn't make it with my new cell phone.  I will need to try my actual camera, and see if it comes out better.

But since is to just show off my project, this will do for now.

The red in this is RED, really red!

Actually, the base of this was packing for some mod podge stars I picked up at Michaels.  I was getting ready to throw the container away and stopped.

This would make a really cute frame with pictures or stuff, I thought.  I had some of the pictures from the photo magnets I made for my daughter for Christmas.  I've cut them out and have them for me!  So I took 2 of my favorites, and added them here.

I took the base and painted it in several coats of acrylic RED paint.  I was going to take the writing around the box off; then decided it would add to the picture, so I left it.  I like it.

Inside the bubble are my two little pictures.  Below the girls are 4 sculpey hearts I created YEARS ago.  They were on a cute little girl holder frame I'd made.  She is covered up by my little beautiful granddaughters.

I had some paper flowers I'd made, putting a gem in it, and added that to the bottom.

On the outside of the bubble, another sculpey creation; this time it's a flower.  I put it on card stock and made the red swirly lines around it.  Another flower paper creation and gem on the far right.  And smack dab in the middle, on top, a miniature teddy bear I'd picked up on sale.  I have one or two more teddy bears, and one pink bunny.

I put it all together, and it's ready to hang.

There is a little hole that was part of the package that is behind the bear (the hole was designed for hanging the packages on the racks in the store).

This really turned out sensational.  I am in love with the finished project!

Fun things!  Do you do things like this?



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