Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Free Christmas Tag For YOU!

 A very good Wednesday morning to you!

Today I'm offering this little Christmas tag with a snowman and a cherub on a flower.  The above is a jpg, but you are free to print it off and use it on Christmas presents.

For those that have a graphics progam (you can still use, even if you don't), here is the border, in case you'd like to use for a base for other scrapbooking or card-making projects.  The individual items are pngs.

This is a cherub I made back on 4/2/11.  I made the flower this morning, and put the two together.  The original cherub had a blue dress, and she was darker.  This graphic has also been reduced down for my tag.

I used a picture of my sculpey snowman before, but here he is again, this time in a tag.  That's the beauty of having tubes of my work.

I didn't like this little sculpey creation so I've since sliced him up, and used his clay in other items.  Ha!  Ha!  That the beauty of re-purposing art I don't like.  But, I took a picture of him before re-purposing him.  He has been offered before, but has been lightened and mirrored.  He had also NOT been baked yet.  Even ugly things have a use.

Christmas tags will be on lots of presents.  I hope you'll find a use for mine.

Happy Wednesday, and have fun creating!


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