Saturday, December 22, 2012

LOVE-three words to decorate with

 Good morning,  (This is for Thursday)

I missed the last 2 days, but only because I got really busy with creating.

Today, you'll find three pngs for the word LOVE.  Love has to do with giving of oneself, and hopely, we are doing this in our gift-giving this Christmas.

I've been really busy trying to get caught up with some Christmas cards.  I am still working on them.  This first one was done on Wednesday, since my last day at work this year was Thursday.  This was made for a woman at work, whose group recently merged with ours.  At our Christmas party, she gave each and every person some really nice gifts.  I wanted to make sure I gave her a special Christmas card as she is so generous, herself.

This Christmas card is for my daughter and her family.  There is so much on this card.

I made the base calendar style card.  I added one of my little teddy bears and a tree on the bottom right.  There is a clock just next to the big bear face.  I posted the bear previously I believe.  I put a white flower upper left, and a decoration I liked next to it.  I marked the 25th for Christmas.  On the lower left are 2 candles.

I printed out the base and and began decorating it.  The bear face was printed separately, and a large shadow is on the base card underneath.  I went and grabbed some stickers I liked, and added those.  As always, I love flowers.

On the upper left is some quilling I did.  I made the upper right flower.  Down at the bottom, center, is a sculpey flower I made a long time ago.  I finally glossed it and gave it a home here.  A little green yarn bow is lower left, and across to the right of it is a pearl swirl.

I put all that onto some scrapping paper, and then it all went onto white cardstock.  It turned out very nicely.

The same card, for one of my sons and his wife, started out the same way.  I used different stickers, flowers and a butterfly.  I used a string of pearls across the top.  The red flower I made from tissue wrapping paper.  A paperdoilie is underneath.  Along the bottom, 4 of my sculpey shapes.  Three have sparkling gems in the middle.  There is a little extra bling in small gems throughout this scrap.

I've made a few thanks you cards, but will post them in a bit.

I also have some closeup of the cards showing off some of the items I made.

And I made one ornament.

As I was getting on the computer this morning, I read how an Iowa court (I think it was their supreme court) ruled that it was okay to fire a female employee for being too attractive.  When I read the title, I had to read that one.

I don't see how they can say that this is NOT discrimination.  What is an attractive woman supposed to do?  Dumb herself down?

You can't change the color of your skin, and I'm sorry, there are levels of attractiveness.

Supposedly the woman was fired because the employer's wife felt she was a "threat to their marriage."  He said they were only coworkers and friends, although he'd recently texted her asking a question that no one should ask another.  Especially, a boss. 

The wife discovered these texts, and while she had a right to worry, it should be about her husband; not the employee.

It really is a shame, and I hope this woman takes this to a higher court.  I think this is a dreadful, discriminatory ruling that the Iowa court made.  Shame on them!

Other than that ... have a great day!

Back in moment.


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