Monday, December 31, 2012

New Art Journal Page and some free pngs for you

Good morning again,

Here are a few more offerings for you.  The top picture is a jpg, and it is for my journal art book.  I printed it out, and stuck in the journal art book.  I think I shared that with you a couple of days ago.  I'll look.

Remember.  There are no rights or wrong; no rules, when art journaling.  It can be whatever you want it to be, so I can do all the little fantasy creatures I want to do.  And to me; that's fun.

In case you'd like the pngs from this art journal, here they are.  They are all on the same page, and will save and print out together.  But they can still be used physically, by cutting them out, and adding them into your projects, or they can be used in a graphics editing program.  Just do a selection around the item you want, and copy and paste as a new image to separate them or paste it directly into your digital project.

Have a terrific New Year's Eve Day, and a safe and fun New Year's Eve tonight!


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