Friday, December 18, 2009

12/18/09 Flower Deco Free Graphic

Good afternoon!

I had this ready to go yesterday, but internet access was down this morning, when I went to post.

I was able to get my website posted later this morning, and then just got busy.

This was my first morning off for my Christmas vacation. I was thrilled. But, I still had to run back to the office at my regular time this morning.

I was wrapping things up yesterday, and took a 15-minute break with a friend. While we were out, I began feeling really bad. I tried sitting down, but that made it worse. I got back up. My friend finally noticed, and asked me if I was okay.

I'm wondering if I'm having a heart attack. I think I need to see the nurse. (We have one at work.) The nurse decided to call the squad, which is also where I work, and they came over to check out my heart. I laid down immediately when I got to her office, and was feeling much better by then. Now I had 2 friends and my supervisor in the room with me, the nurse, and about 3 paramedics. Embarrassing.

It turned out to be what I ate for lunch: some spicy soup and some curly fries. Darn. I love that soup.

The squad told me I still did the right thing to come to the nurse and that she called. It "could have been" a heart attack. Other symptoms to watch for: sweating, trouble breathing, pain that moves, and weakness of muscles. The symptoms I had were: a heavy, deep squeezing type pain in the center of my chest, and pain spreading up into my throat. I developed some pain and tingling in my right hand, and while I wasn't having trouble breathing, I had to bend over at times and breathe deeply. I was trying to relieve some of the pain which was more intense than I cared for.

Of course, all this DRAMA caused me not to think properly as I was leaving shortly for my vacation, and I just plain forgot some crucial things that HAD TO BE DONE. I didn't remember till I got home. And I was tired! I did not want to go back, so I opted to just shoot over this morning, do what had to be done, and come home.

Later yesterday, I peeled 4 electrodes off my mid section.

I was instructed to see my doctor as I may need meds for stomach acid. I told them I really didn't want more meds ... as the meds are also hard on my stomach. They laughed and said that it was so, but it was better than developing a hole in my esophagus and coughing up blood. That, they confided, is real pain.

I just really need this vacation, and I'm so glad it's finally here. It will be over way too soon, but I hope having 17 straight days off ... helps.

Enjoy the above deco, and if you like it, you may snag it. There's more on my website ... available today.

I have Jan and Feb 2010 calendars up also. They are weekly-type calendars, and then I also have a full calendar for each that you pencil in the date. They will be up for several months. And, of course, I'm still working on March-December.

Check back here tomorrow for a very cute Christmas card.

Take care.

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