Thursday, December 24, 2009

12/24/09: Christmas Eve Day Scrap

Good morning,

This is really much bigger, but this was the large size.

Basically, it's just playtime while I'm on vacation. It was fun.

(The cuckoo clock was not made by me. It was a picture from many years ago, and I tubed it. It was recolorized.)

You can find a few of the items today at my website.

Many people will get off early today due to it being Christmas Eve Day. I know at my work, they only work 1/2 a day. And for the people that go in at 6 a.m., that means they get to go home at 10 a.m. Really short day ... and my kind of day.

My husband is getting off early, but I don't know how early.

Tonight will be the main setup under the tree in everyones house. Oh the fun ... the fun!

When my kids were young, the out-of-town gifts were placed under the tree. Day by day, there were more and more gifts. On Christmas Eve, each child was allowed to choose one of the out-of-town gifts ... and open it. This became a tradition in our house.

Do you have any traditions? Do you open your gifts on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? Maybe you go caroling.

I did that as a young girl. We didn't do it every year, but occasionally we'd get a bee up our bonnet and go. It was always great fun. We'd use the song sheets that came with Mitch (?'s) Christmas Album. Miller, I think, his last name was? Does anyone remember that?

My dear granddaughter will be home either Christmas Day in the evening ... or maybe it's Saturday; the day after. The gifts received at her dad's house will be left at dad's house. Maybe mom will let her bring home one or two FAVORITE gifts. But, she'll have more when she gets home.

Hoping you all a very Merry Christmas Eve.

Take care.


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