Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday 12/6/09 Baby, It's Cold Outside Free Graphic

Good morning.

We have 4 Sunday's left this year, and only 2 more after today ... before Christmas. Hope you're getting closer to wrapping up all your plans before this big, eventful holiday season.

I made this mitten set free graphic. I love the colors.

If you have a scrapping need, go on and snag it!

Sunday mornings are a hassle now ... I have to get up and take my Fosamex, and I hate taking pills. I have to drink a full glass of water with it, and stay vertical for 30 minutes. This pill is hard to take as it wants to dissolve immediately in your mouth, which I abhor. Gel tabs are much easier. No food or coffee until the 30 minutes is past, which ... it is now!

My coffee is on ... and I'm grabbing a cup. Right now!!!

I did do a little Christmas shopping yesterday. Bought two beautiful "girly" things, one for my mother-in-law, and one for my daughter. I bought another gift for my granddaughter and another of the same thing for my niece.

We also picked up 2 movies -- for us, which we watched yesterday. A really relaxing day. I only did my art work from the wee hours of the morning until about 9:30 a.m. Got to get cracking today. Did no sculpey yesterday, but admired my Christmas trees before they go on cards.

We watched Pelham 123, which was very goood, and then The Killing Room. The Killing Room was very scary! And we DVR'd War of the Worlds, which we watched Friday night. Fantastic movie, and it scared me to death!

If you like the creation today, head over to my website. You can find 2 of the items in simplier form, and a deco flower for your scrap stash.

Shopping online! Have you ever done it? I have, and may do it again this year. According to the article I've been sharing, you research popular items and prices at placed like Amazon ... and you are an "open-minded" trendsetter. You like the ease of it, the tools, and the reviews. You also like new products and experiences!

That brings this particular article to a close!

Have a wonderful Sunday. Check out my website for the freebies ... and now for my coffee. Yummm!


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