Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday 12/27 and Saturday 12/26 Free graphics

Good Sunday morning!

I hope your Christmas was a wonderful time of family gathering, and that the gift exchanges went great!

Well ... now Christmas is a full year ahead of us again. I've already marked my calendar for next year. I'm going to start shopping in September of 2010, and have everything ready to go out much earlier this year. That is my goal.

My sister is having an anniversary at the end of this month. I've also marked my calendar with anniversaries and birthdays. You'd think that because I do cards, I'd be better at getting them out. Well. I admit it. I am NOT! But ... I promise to do better this year.

This year, I'm designing one anniversary set for all anniversaries. If I do others, I will save each one for a future year!

Same with birthdays. I haven't done those yet, but will get to work on it right away. I will have to have several kinds for those: female versions, male versions, and children's versions.

In the anniversary set for this year (featured above), you can see the card in the left hand corner. The first 2 top frames are the front and the back of the card. I cut out the edge of the flower on the front. The 2 bottom frames are the inside. I will cut out the edge of that flower also.

On the inside blue green frame, there is a little house at the bottom. I put this there for my name, address, and cell phone number. I also added this feature to my stationary, which is featured in the bottom right hand side of this frame.

I don't know about you, but I keep all my cards. I imagine a lot of folks do. In this way, all they have to do is find their cards, pick one up, and my contact info is ALWAYS on the stationary and card. It is so maddening when I'm trying to send out my cards, locating the current address. Or when I'm making a phone call, trying to find the number. But, this year, I've put all the addresses for the anniversary in my file for the anniversaries. And I'll do the same with all the birthday cards.

I want to make it as easy as possible for my close friends and relatives to get ahold of me.

Why not add a stick-on address label to the inside of your future cards, and hand write your contact phone number with it? If everyone did it ... it would be one little thing that makes our lives much easier.

The upper right hand corner shows the envelope: front and small picture is the back of the envelope. The blue green sides fold toward the back so the back is framed by the blue green and the dark rose-purple flap. It's quite pretty when you see the finished product.

I am very happy with this card set.

Yesterday, I got a little behind. I had everything done, and this was the creation I had planned for yesterday.

Really, it could be used for a quick note, say, "Love you" ... "Thinking of you" ... or ... "Have Fun" ... and then a sig below the owl box.

Stick an address sticker on it's back, and jot down your phone #. It's small enough to tuck into your purse or wallet for quick location of contacting you.

Or use it as as a gift tag (do the same with the address and phone # info), if you're sending a gift.

I hope you enjoy these offerings today.

Remember to check out my website where you can find "some" of the graphics from these creations. They will be up today.

I hope you enjoy this quiet aftermath of Christmas, but are ready for the big New Year that is just days away.

For me. Today, my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter ... my son and his love ... will be over for our Christmas exchange. I've bought some huge submarine sandwiches which we'll cut up into smaller pieces, and enjoy some chips and doritos with it. I'll also make some chicken since my daughter may not enjoy deli meats while "pg". I will have another something small for my granddaughter today; a gift which she can use while she's here.

She's out of school this next week, and I'm on vacation. She'll find a use for this ... while she staying with me (her parents are not off this next week).

I am hoping to take her to the movies one of her days here. I talked with my middle son, and asked if he thought AVATAR was appropriate. He said, "It has a few bad words "-- nothing I'm sure she hasn't heard before -- "but yes! I think it would be a fantastic movie for her!" He loved it. He says it's going to set the trend for future effects much like STAR WARS did, for my generation. I can't wait. (I will also check with her mom.)

Have a terrific day!

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