Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12/23/09: Lots of Free Graphics Today

Good morning!

Ok blogger! I'm having to play with the html all the time. It doesn't want to put paragraphs in, and it's pretty much always been that way. But this morning ... it's doing some crazy, crazy stuff. Anyone else have that problem???

I've been busy, busy this morning, putting together my graphics.

This first creation falls in the "fantasy" category, as this little traveler is GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! That's my rendition, at least for today, of his space ship. But he thinks it's cool ... and he knows how to drive it. And ... he knows his way home! You can pick up some of the graphics from this creation at my website today. They will be gone tomorrow!

This next creation is called HOME, HEART AND HAPPINESS. Again, something from my "fantasy-type" mind.

But. I think it's pretty.

Hope you can find a use for it. Feel free to snag these. They were all created by ME.

I love the end of the year because it's family time. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just about 6 weeks between them ... it's a cause for families to congregate, celebrate, and just enjoy!

I hope each one of you this wish: May your homes be filled with heart and happiness. Not just at this time, but all year long.

This last creation is called IN A LAND CALLED VACATION!

Why? Because I AM ON VACATION. I have never taken more than one weeks' vacation over the last 10 years. This year, I took more.

Sometimes, we just need to refresh ourselves. Life is so stressful, and sometimes, a week just doesn't feel like enough!

Again ... fantasy stuff here, but I love doing cartoony fantasy.

Don't forget to check out my website today to grab the freebies. They are replaced every 24 hours. Ok. I'm not perfect. Sometimes I get behind. Sometimes my mind and creative muse takes a vacation, and I just get stymied.

I've also done a gif for today, but it will go in a post of it's own.

I hope your shopping is done and your cards and gifts are out.

Enjoy today! Rejoice!!!

3 new free graphics a day

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