Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7/09 Monday Free Graphics

Good morning!

Oh! It’s back to work, Monday!

But first I have a pretty flower picture for you. I took this little deco, made a frame out of sculpey clay, and pasted this picture in it. I then turned it into a magnet for my daughter’s refrigerator door. It goes with a card I made for her.

You can pick up the flower, the flower border, and the heart on my website today. They will be replaced by new graphics tomorrow, so rush on over to pick these up today.

I love fruit, and one of my favorites is apples! And now, a reason to eat one EVERY DAY!

Good news when I read that eating one apple a day, 15-minutes before a meal, helps you take in nearly 200 fewer calories less! Better news: that one apple before a meal can help you lose 20 pounds in one year! And … another benefit worth considering is their soluble fiber, which is a slow-digesting nutrient, and will help keep my blood sugar steady, and help me feel full which will keep me from snacking! How wonderful!

I thought about this, and I know it takes about 20 minutes for your body to register full, so I saw how this could work. The article did state though, that it was the APPLE that worked, and not other foods.

Have a really great Monday!

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