Saturday, December 5, 2009

12/5/09 Saturday Free Graphic: A blank Christmas card

Good morning!

It's the weekend again.

This is the Christmas card I designed for my own family this year. It's just the front.

If you've been following my website, you picked up the elf yesterday. The snowman in the upper left-hand corner was on a few days earlier. They are gone now, but the wreath, and the candy cane are up today.

Tomorrow, you can get a different flower border.

I made a sculpey clay Christmas tree to paste onto the lower left side of my card. I made my original card during the week, and spent most of yesterday just doing the little clay trees. I hope to take a picture of them to put up before putting them on their cards. Each tree is different.

If you don't have a clay tree, you can put your Christmas Greeting in the tree spot.

The elf and left gift is not on my blank card, but a shadow where they go. They are printed out separately, and a glue dot was used to attach them over the shadow ... to make them stand out as well as the Christmas tree.

I also made a Glad You're Back card for someone that's been in the hospital, and a thank you card for my daughter for Thanksgiving. I hope to post pictures of those as well.

The cards will be placed in boxes containing gifts, when mailing them out. This will keep the sculpey creations from being smashed or broken.

Do you like to get your Christmas shopping done early? If so, according to the article I've been sharing, you're a shrewd intuitive-type person with a strategy. You don't shop when the crowds shop ... and you're very focused on your mission. You know just what your loved ones want, and you're practical. (I must have a little of this in me, as I love to shop at off times, when I know the crowds are off working. The only time I really "wander" while shopping is when I'm at Michael's or some craft store; otherwise, I'm focused on just what I want, and go after that.)

Enjoy this cold Saturday.

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