Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good morning,

Meet Journal-Lane TRAVELER. Traveler is embarking on a daily 2010 journal trip. He's inviting you to join him on this journey.

Answer the questions, either by posting in comments, or take the questions and start your own private journal to leave for your loved ones.

If you're posting in comments, don't tell your deepest, darkest secrets. Those are for your private journal entries.

Just keep it simple ... and sweet. Give it some thought though.

Traveler is posting a question each day for you to ponder and write about.

I just wanted to take a minute, here at HomeSpun Graphics to let you know about his new journey.

The question is posted a day ahead of time, to give you time to think about it. You can post your journey in the comments over at

Have a question you'd like posed? Feel free to leave that, too!

And feel free to grab any graphics, if you'd like to scrapbook your journey. Keep it digitally or physically ... just enjoy your journey. You can find some free ones to add to your stash at my website.

Have a great day.

Question for 1/1/2010: What makes YOU smile?

3 new graphics each day

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