Friday, December 4, 2009

Fri, 12/4/09 Let's Get Shopping Free Graphic

Good Friday morning to everybody!

It's a great Friday for me. I am off today from work. And I've just put in for my vacation time this month. I will be off from the 18th, and won't go back till January 4th! A whopping 17 days!!! That's the most I've ever taken off at one time since I went back to work fulltime. Ten years!!!

This little "Let's Get Shopping" creation is made up of items you can pick up today, over at my website. The box, and the elf are there, along with a deco square, which looks kind of like a crocheted square. It matches the background of the deco box.

My individual graphics are only up for about a 24-hour period each morning. I usually publish before 5 a.m. as I'm off to work by 5:30 a.m. Hurry on over to get today's 3 new free graphics ... while they're up!

When it comes to holiday shopping, do you find yourself proscrastinating to get the job done? According to the article I've been sharing (it's from Woman's World, 12/7/09, page 45, WHAT DOES YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING STYLE REVEAL ABOUT YOU?), you just might be an abstract thinker!

You wait till the last minute. Your Christmas list is UP in the air! You are happier waiting and stumbling upon last minute perfect gifts. (I did wait till Christmas Eve one year, but it did not make me happier, so I am not a procrastinator ... at least when it comes to Christmas shopping.)

I have a few gifts already done. I hope to work on my Christmas cards this weekend. In fact, tomorrow, you'll have a blank one posted here ... and I'll tell you how I used mine.

Today, I hope to get lots of scupley clay Christmas trees done. (Hint.)

Have a really terrific Friday. (Oh yes. We did not get the snow yesterday. It was cold and windy, but no snow!)

Happy shopping!


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