Saturday, December 19, 2009

12/19/09 I Just Love Christmas-Card and Free Graphic

Good Saturday morning!

It is very early this morning, and I happened to look outside ... oh my! We have our first REAL snow on the ground.

It always looks so pretty when it's first fallen, and no one has had a chance to disturb this blanket of sparkling crystals.

And yesterday, I told you I'd have another cute card, and I really like this one.

I've named this little girl "Emma", for my future granddaughter.

On Thursday night, my daughter and her husband, took my 9-year old granddaughter to an ultrasound screening of the new baby she is carrying. It appears to be a girl, and they will name her Emma Grace. I love that name.

The test was shown on a screen that my daughter says was about twice as big as the flat screen we have in our living room. It is 48". So, it was a big screen. They could see little Emma with her left arm covering her face. She dropped her arm a few times and stretched, but that arm always went right back over her face.

The technician tried to kind of poke her to get her to move so they could see her better. They've decided her personality may have a stubborn streak, as she eventually turned her face to her mother's spine and buried her head into the placenta wall.

My granddaughter did see the open spot on the top of her head and said, "Oh! That's so gross!" My daughter explained that Emma is not done growing. She will have a soft spot, like all babies. Emma is due to arrive on May 27th! (This is my daughter-in-laws birthday, so that would be grand!)

And an extra special addition to this ultrasound is ... they made it into a video! I can hardly wait to see it.

My granddaughter went to her paternal grandparents last night, where her dad will pick her up and take her to their house in Tennessee for Christmas. The heartbreak of divorce is divided time with your own child/ren during the holiday seasons. We always try to sound upbeat about her visits and going ... it is so hard. I had Christmas with her last Sunday.

I made lots of my little Christmas tree sculpey's yesterday when I was finally worn out after playing with making graphics all day. They are so cute. I did not take pictures of the first trees I made and gave out on my work cards. Each one was so different. This time, I made 8 and they are the same, as they will go out of town. But, then I made 5 more, and they are all different.

I will print out my cards today, affix the Christmas trees, and put them in bubble wrapped packages for non-gift receipients, and in the boxes with gifts for the gift receivers.

Well. Today will be busy.

Have a great day! I will!


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